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Our mission is to bring about holistic healing to the body, mind and spirit in our community.  We are dedicated and committed to providing services to the community, churches and organizations.  We will continue to play a strategic role in the execution of our vision and mission as outlined.  We provide a healthy environment for those we serve without discrimination or partiality.

We  strive to ensure that neighborhoods become places where all families thrive and have access to the supports, services and opportunities they need to ensure their children succeed.  Whether inspired by events happening in our local community or catalyzed by an opportunity provided through a foundation or government supported initiative and communities that are working to change the future for children and families by investing in our neighborhoods.

We will continue to pursue every opportunity to create a full range of charitable, educational, religious activities, prevention and intervention programs.  In addition, we take an active role in partnering with faith-based programs, private organizations and businesses to help provide humanitarian needs and services. 

We are dedicated to assisting local churches in the re-development of their own outreach ministries, which respond to the holistic needs of the people that they serve.  These services will provide opportunities for people to make a healthier adjustment to their families, communities and in their relationship with God.